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Here you can find various resources that we used to do our research and different places for you to go to continue the conversation. These are our various works cited and links that we found useful, but certainly just searching the topic will bring up lots of information for you to peruse.


Organized by Topic: 

The Argument From Design:

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Richard Dawkins and Evolutionary Biology Interacting With God:

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The Teleological Argument and Paley’s Reiteration Summarized:

An Explanation of William Paley’s “Watchmaker” Analogy:

The Ontological Argument:

Anselm’s Ontological Argument and Others:

The Cosmological Argument:

Philosopher David Hume’s Critique:–David%20Hume%20on%20the%20Cosmological%20and%20Teleological%20Arguments.pdf

Anthropic Coincidences:

God, The Multiverse Theory, The String Theory, and Anthropic Coincidences:

Creationism vs. The Big Bang and Evolutionary Theories:

A Site in Response to Creationist Theories:

A Site Regarding Genesis, Creationism, Evolution and Science:

Bill Nye and Ken Ham Debate the Viability of Creationism as a Model of Origins:

Five Distinct Theories of the Creation of Man:

The Problem of Evil:

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Old Earth vs. Young Earth Creationism:

Multiple Creators: